Swemed Dealer is Europe’s biggest interactive medical equipment and medical furniture web store.

Within this reserved and dedicated customer domain you can find an exclusive range of medical equipment resources ideally configured to match all your project needs.

Our product categories feature multiple configurations and article variants of stools, IV poles, partition screens, bowls and buckets, dressing trolleys, baby bassinets, clothing trolleys, hospital beds, stretchers, emergency carts, examination tables, wheel chairs, medical trolleys, rehabilitation equipment, office furniture, veterinary needs and many more items!

Our HQ is based in Stockholm, Sweden and our market distribution is worldwide.

Headquarters in the newly built and environmentally friendly, Albybergs Enterprise Park (Stockholm, Sweden)

Why use Swemed Dealer?

On Swemed Dealer we strive to select only the best, most advanced, innovative and cost effective product categories.

We showcase over 20,000 medical items readily accessible and available online from more than 30 certified and approved European manufacturers.

Here you can instantly review all the product information and technical data requirements and rapidly respond to your tender projects and individual item requests.

Once you have registered and logged in you will be granted access to our exclusive discounted prices!

Who are our partners?

We work with a global network of medical equipment distributors, turnkey project management companies, medical supply stores, hospitals and clinics.

We provide solutions for single article requests, hospital procurement demands, private projects, tender projects and large scale turnkey hospital builds.

With our extensive product portfolio, low pricing strategies and easy to navigate web interface, we can rapidly increase your equipment options and improve your procurement efficiency.

Can’t find the product you’re looking for?

Browse through our extensive product categories or simply type in an item description in our search bar.

If you can’t find the right product match, get interactive with us and let us know!

Our specialized technical team can idea share, exchange feedback and compare product data.

Our goal is to ensure we can quickly find the best product solution for you.

Core values

Our vision is to establish Swemed Dealer as a global leader in sourcing and showcasing high quality, novel and cost effective medical equipment.

We pride ourselves upon the quality of our chosen product categories and our unique customer services.

We are devoted in supporting our customer needs throughout the product sourcing, order processing, shipping and aftersales cycle.

We listen and understand our customer needs and feedback and are ready to adapt our business model to achieve the best results.

Company information

Registered company name: KLINIKINREDNING SVERIGE AB
VAT no: SE559120207101
Address: Albybergsringen 116
Postcode: SE-137 69
City: Österhaninge / Stockholm
Country: Sweden

Telephone: +46 8 656 00 77
Support and press: [email protected]